"Automated Income Stream" FAQ Page


1.) Chris, is this for real? This sounds too good to be true! Why are you offering me all this plus access to you?


This particular income stream is not about the money for me – it’s all about meeting people that I may be able to work with in the future...


I’ll provide you with all the information and support to enable you to set-up your very own online business. Setting up an online business is not difficult, but you do need to set it up in the first place. I’ve developed some great working relationships by using this method and the deals that I share with my Joint Venture partners are usually 50/50. I’m currently working on two projects with JV partners that are almost 100% automated!


2.) What do you mean by "automated income streams"?


I will always teach “automated income streams” to people, as it’s the best way that I’ve discovered to make easy and automated income… for life...


Importantly, you only need to do things once for each income stream, and there’s absolutely no reason why you should stop at just one income stream – 10 take as much time (day-to-day) to run as 1 would… What you're creating is an income for life - moving towards financial freedom.


3.) Why is there no detail about the actual products you sell?


I leave out the product detail because this is entirely up to you – what suits one person may not suit another, so I don’t in any way promote a “one size fits all” business model or a "business in a box" so-to-speak. I will help you to develop an online business based on your interests and passions, as I find that people are more inclined to work on something that they’re interested in.


I know people that have set up multi-million pound businesses by selling just one product!


I sell information products in the form of DVDs, CD-Roms, e-books, audio tutorials, online tutorials and other people's products using specific online marketing methods. I’ve also recently started making money from health products and the health industry from my websites and this pays me 100% automatically.


4.) Do you take any commission on my future sales?


No, I will help you to set-up your own online business, the profits from which will be 100% yours. I do this because I’m looking for Joint Venture partners for future 50/50 revenue-split projects. This is because I often see profitable projects, but I simply don’t have the time to run them. When this happens I can share a project and profits with you... once you know how this works...


5.) How much is it likely to cost me to start up my business?


A website domain name can be purchased for not very much (a few pounds), and the website must then be hosted – at a cost of $40 per month (maximum) in the UK or less if you host in the US.


The package will help you decide on a product and a market, before we firm up a plan using the Online Business Consultation. The website creation package will get your site and products live, so the only investment is time - deciding on your business idea and setting up your site (which of course I will help you with).


6.) How do I decide which market to focus on, and which products/services to sell?

What you're looking for here is a personal interest, or even something that you're passionate about. For example, golf, tennis, reading, flying kites - something like this.

If you then use the search tool below, you'll be able to drill-down to very specific keywords and find a "niche" topic for your first project:


To take this further, "golf" is quite vague - receiving 273,399 internet searches (last month). So what we're looking to do is focus on something specific... "golfing holidays", "golf lesson", "golf tip". If this is your interest, then you could write or find a "golf tips" product that you could sell, having established that there's a market out there through this process.

Another way is to consider problems that people may have or may experience. Can you solve specific problems for people? Then, use the same approach as above to determine if there's a market out there for your solution. People need to be searching on your chosen "keywords" in order for you to have a market to sell to.

7.) I am looking to build an online income of $3,000 per month asap (say within 3 months). Is it really practical to believe that for an investment of less than $100 (domain name, web hosting and website creation) that this can be achieved?

Yes, this can be achieved if we target the right market with the right product - we're basically looking for a hungry market and all we do is give them what they want...

Once set-up, the only other costs are marketing... and there's some very cheap and cost-effective ways in which to market your product via a website - depending on the website content and the product.

I have worked with numerous people that have made thousands in their very first month - the current record is $37,000 for one of my JV partners.

8.) In a nutshell, what will I get?

I will show you how and where to start and will also provide you with many ideas for your new business as well as examples of some existing online business models you can copy.

You get the opportunity to copy my "methods" and the systems that I currently use to make over $74,000 each and every month. You can also use the Easy Product Finder Resource to help you choose an area/market to focus on, after which we'll firm up your ideas with the Online Business Consultation.

When we have a product idea and a plan, we'll then go live using your Website Creation Package.

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