"Automated Income Stream" Testimonials

(Below are just a small selection of the ones we have on file...)


"I have been reading your information on Automated Income Streams, and going through the videos recently which were both excellent.


I would really like to promote your products with you and wondered if this would be possible for commission. I have obviously never met you, but you went out of your way to help me with my advertising campaigns and my gut feeling is that you are a genuine guy in every way.


I know a lot of Internet Guru's - the list is endless, and all of them want me to throw my lot in with them. However, none of them have impressed me as much as you have. I am attending a conference with the e-bay people in Liverpool on 1st July, but apart from that I will ditch everything else and throw my lot in with you.

You are welcome to use this email as a testimonial and, in fact, I will go further and state that in five years on the net no one has instilled confidence in me as much as you have. Rest assured I do not give praise lightly. In fact, there are a lot of people out there who would be the first to say I can be just as quick to condemn. You have saved me money already... and I look forward to working with you and now making me money."

Many thanks,

Ken Mitchell


“Chris Cobb is a born teacher and will be my mentor for life. I bought the AIS System for some ideas on how to market an e-book that I’m currently writing, and this book will now be completed by a Ghost-writer that Chris has recommended to me. I had concerns regarding my product and my project, but Chris has gone out of his way to solve any problems that I’ve had and has even found a way in which I can control and automatically lock down sold copies of my e-book (to prevent people copying my content). 

I’m so glad that I decided to start with Chris Cobb, not only for the content, but for the constant assistance that I’ve received from Chris.”

Lisa Goode

Goode Marketing (e-book and website currently being finalised)


I contacted Chris Cobb through a friend who was amazed how clear his advice was and wanted me to take a look. So I did. He was clear and concise with his advice, and everything was step-by-step for the beginner level that she was at. But when I contacted him he was able to give me some excellent tips for my own long-term sites which I’m implementing immediately as the advice was so good, and so obvious.

Thank you Chris, it’s a pleasure to be in touch with you, and I appreciate your rapid responses.”

Chris Puddy


“Chris Cobb showed me how to buy property using other people’s money, how to get other people to renovate the property for you and then get paid to re-mortgage and own the property. I banked £2,137 on the first property that I bought using this method and will make more than this on our second property.

We are now working closely with Chris in order to develop an Online Business to run alongside this initial Income Stream. I knew nothing about the Internet, but I've already started to create my own site from the advice that Chris has provided.

I can confidently say that working with Chris is going to make me a millionaire.”

Ian P. Read

Trusty Properties (North West)


“Just one point that Chris made has improved our website dramatically. Not only does Chris Cobb know what he’s talking about, but he’s always learning new information as well – to ensure that he stays ahead. If he discovers something new, you can guarantee that if it’s relevant to your product or project in any way, you’ll be the first to hear about it…

I will always keep in contact with Chris, and I value our weekly conversations like nothing else.”

Damian Qualter



“I wish that I’d met Chris Cobb before I’d wasted my time at presentations in cold hotels, and my money - on silly “get-rich quick” schemes. Chris can assist with any business idea, and even develop a business idea for you from your interests and knowledge.


I noticed his advertisement, and I immediately felt that I’d found the right person when he responded to me with lots of advice rather than a sales pitch for any of his services. As a result of contacting Chris and working closely with him over the last few months, I now have my very own profitable Online Business which I run from home.


The amazing fact is that I knew absolutely nothing about the Internet before communications with Chris - he’s taught me everything I need to know in order to develop many additional income streams as well as run my very own Online Business.”


Andy Beaden

Atlas Marketing



"I have finally got my computer sorted out and have been able to go through your AIS System. I have read quite a lot of similar efforts on this theme, but I have to say that your step-by-step training gives the most comprehensive coverage of the subject I have ever come across and, what's more, it's written in English, not techno-babble! Congratulations and many thanks!"

Tom King


"I have read your book and I have to say I am  very impressed! This is most certainly a must-read practical guide for anyone looking to start up a business online.  The 'over 50 successful businesses' section alone is worth its weight in gold

Regards - and many, many thanks"

Stuart B.


"Let me start by saying thank you for info, it's very clear, straightforward and abundant! I'm impressed."

Harold Oyando


"I must say that I am really enjoying your lessons and exceedingly well written. I am looking forward to the rest if my two children would give me some peace to absorb the information and put it to use.


Thanks Chris and all staff."


Andreas Angelides



"I thought your book was terrific. It's full of helpful information, expressed in a very readable fashion. Everything from the site creation, through to the marketing of that site online.

Very clear, concise and brilliantly written - anyone that's interested in making money online should get access to the AIS System. Thanks Chris."

Malcolm Foy


"Dear Chris, Thank you for all the information you have sent me over the past few days. For once in a long time I feel that I am on to something that is truly going to change my life."

Justin Mdlalose


"Dear Chris Cobb... I am very happy to receive your e-mails every day. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence and assistance to develop an Online Business. Thank you."



“Thanks Chris. You are a diamond and an unreal mind of information… Is there anything that you don’t know?!

My website is now set-up, so many thanks for the help with this and also a big thanks for all the information that you’ve sent me regarding the basics and building traffic to my website – I just know that this is going to work.”

James Thurlow



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